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At the Heart of the Matter, What do the Heart, Breath and Universe have in common? by Bob Whitehouse, EdD

You might be surprised and likely pleased to know that there are some profound answers and implications to this question.

1. The Heart and the Universe have essentially the same shape. Both are Toroidal.

  • The Universe’s shape appearing in 3 dimensions is the Toroidal shape of the electro-magnetic field: (see picture at right from
  • The Heart’s shape is similar:

Heart Spiral2 150x150 What do Heart, Breath, and Universe have in common?

  • And produces an electromagnetic field just like the Universe’s:
Torus spiral AMY 150x150 What do Heart, Breath, and Universe have in common?

from Consciousness and Reality by Charles Muses and Arthur Young

So What?

Keep these points in mind as you follow along to what this is really all about:

  • The heart has seven layers of muscle that are wound in this same spiral
  • The Torus shape is considered the most advanced shape in projective geometry because it:
  • 1.)   Represents both surface and deep structure
  • 2.)   Takes 7 colors (or points) to mathematically map all its parts (see             picture below from Arthur Bloch’s Hypersphere on                               

Torus 7 1 150x150 What do Heart, Breath, and Universe have in common?

  • 3.)    Is the shape that shows how all the parts connect to each other in the holey core  (so the one and All or One and all) are related as well as have an unfolding, a developmental pattern or Becoming
  • 4.)    Is the shape that can morph into any other shape that has 2 circularities, like a person
  • 5.)    Is the cycle of anything’s process, from its beginning to its completion, and so is “nested time” (see on this and his book of the same title).
  • 6.)   Has 2 spirals that meet up to connect and complete the cycle from a beginning point in the center to an outward, downward spiral, a turning point, followed by an inward upward spiral coming back to the starting point and then starting a new double spiral.

2. Heart and Breath share the same movement pattern:

  • Your every breath has an outward and an inward spiral, expiration and inspiration, so the movement of the breath follows the same movement pattern as that of the evolutionary spiral basic to the universe, the uni-verse, the one turn…  (It is also said that each of us has breathed in and out all the same atoms as everyone else that is existing or ever has.)
  • Regardless of the rate of movement of your breath, there is one standard—that you get the right breathing chemistry. Otherwise you may be triggering unwanted states and physiology (see our web page for more at .)
  • The movement of your heart’s signal follows the double spiral of the heart’s seven layered muscles and creates its electromagnetic field.
  • Your heart is cradled by the lungs.  With the squeeze put on it by the filling of the lungs, the heart rate goes up.  With the emptying of the lungs, there is more space for the heart to expand in relaxing.
  • When your Heart and Breath are in synchrony, (i.e. when your breath moves in, your heart rate goes up, and when your breath moves out, your heart rate goes down), you get greater Heart Rate Variability (HRV) which is known to be a correlate and/or cause of greater health, longevity, positive emotions, greater cognitive function, improved immune function, increased intuition (aka direct knowledge), and protection against negativity.  The Institute of HeartMath ( and calls this coordination of Sympathetic Nervous System (SNS) and ParaSympathetic Nervous System (PNS or PSNS) Coherence.

Famous brain scientist Karl Pribram, MD says that somehow when we go into such a Coherence state, we are accessing what he calls “A quantum, Holographic Information State” outside of our normal sense of space and time.  Is it any wonder that at such times we can access information about events that have not yet happened “in time”? (See HeartMath and research on Intuition.)

3. The movement of the universe is in a double spiraling in its evolution, and this is similar to the movement of the breath and of the heart’s muscles and electromagnetic waves, rippling out.  Much more on this later, including my upcoming book on the toroidal evolution of consciousness.

My favorite way of saying all this is: “Is it any wonder that when we talk of getting to the ‘heart of the matter’, that we are literally getting to the heart or fundamental pattern of interconnection.”

So my message for the day is that there are special benefits for us to learn to breathe well and with heartfelt feelings. The effects ripple through us and beyond us in unending waves.  (see also )

For free seminars on breathing well, go to or contact us

Here’s one of my favorite quotes:

In the heart of man
the whole universe is reflected;
and as the whole universe is reflected in it,
man may be called the heart of the universe.

by  Hazrat Inayat Khan

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Well, the other day I was going to my bank to do a transaction when I was asked to swipe my card to confirm my pin number, I realized I lost my ATM card. In the process of talking to my banker, she asked me what I did, and I answered that I thought breathing by conserving carbon dioxide and HRV variation. This caught her attention. So I gave a little explanation given that it is carbon dioxide levels in the brain that actually regulates the breathing if we allow it, by triggering the diaphragm. Then she asks me an interesting question; can you lose weight by breathing? This intrigued me because I only have a hypothesis at this time, I answered yes, and that it was possible given what I understood of physiology.

That is, overbreathing can cause vasoconstriction to blood vessels and impede blood flow to the all of the organs of the body including the brain. As I understood it, the brain consumes about 20-25% of the body’s oxygenation and a good amount of blood sugar. If that is compromised, I suppose one could feel hunger and still have plenty blood sugar, except that the brain does not perceive it that way. Of course, there are plenty of other reasons, like hormones, exercise, sleep cycles, the types of food being eaten, etc…

Then she proceeded to tell me that she had watched an infomercial where this one lady was selling a program which she bought. It was teaching very deep breathing for minutes at time saying that you needed more oxygen to burn of the fat. Then my banker went on to explain some of signs and symptoms of overbreathing (blowing off too much carbon dioxide) like tingling in the hands, lightheadedness, dizziness, inability to focus, and was wondering if such a program would actually work, according to what I knew. Judging on her physical appearance she still seemed overweight to me, so I said I didn’t think that severe overbreathing would be that helpful for controlling weight problems if anything perhaps making it worst. Then she said she had seen on TV for many years….so the programs must have been successful, to which I said “financially” yes perhaps but the result she got, didn’t look so good. I explained that if she conserved her carbon dioxide, she might feel less hungry because there was more blood flood going to the brain and as a result she would have more blood sugar and oxygen with the right amount of carbon dioxide to regulate the blood PH. Which would help regulate cellular oxygenation. Well anyway that is my hypothesis for the moment…until I find a better one.

John Kelly RN

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