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The Earth seen from Apollo 17 150x150 BREATHE she says...“BREATHE” she says in a very succinct commanding voice. However, what was never mentioned; was what was really meant and how? She was talking to me, jack. It was a Saturday morning September 1987 in Silver Spring Maryland I had just been dropped off by my friend Dawn and I was knocking on the door of a Medical Intuitive RN,that I had met the previous year, for an impromptu session. She opens the door and says: Oh it is you! I wasn’t expecting you so soon, I had just been thinking about taking clients on a per need basis and you might as well be the first one. This incidence led me on this exploration as to the “How” and “What” seems to be the nature of breathing and many other topics for over the past 30 some years.
Welcome to our dialogue blog (Bob and I). My questions are what are we creating together by our converstations? And what is worth your while? Because? and how are we being effective at helping you find your needs, concerns, thrivings?
What have I been discovering will more then likely go beyond just the issues of breathing, it seems that the world and universe are entangled into networks of complex adapting systems. Fortunately, it has brought me to be more conscious of my environment to become ever more aware that we (humankind) are intricately more connected to our environment with the gases like oxygen and carbon dioxide, microbes and minerals, planeteray cycles, solar flairs, galactic and universal phenomena. This is known as “Gaia Theory” as described James Lovelock, an atmospheric scientist.The state of the world is being affected by but not limited to the release of carbon dioxide from: cars, cows and coal, the ”3 C’s”, into our atmosphere and our oceans, acidifying our environment and ultimatelychanging the conditions by which we live on the planet. The other side of the coin is that we human beings are dependent on carbon dioxide to help release oxygen to the tissues in our body by slightly acidifying the blood and getting the red blood cells to release the oxygen (Bohr effect). Who would have thought that the main driver for breathing would becarbon dioxide instead of oxygen, somewhere in the base of the brain? Better yet, that this breathing reflex pattern has the capacity for learning and that cells are inherently cognate as physicist Frijof Capra suggests in his book the “Web of Life”.

oxcycle 150x150 BREATHE she says...

Ok, what do you or I or anyone else mean by: “Breathing”? of course some these definitions will be incomplete and this is a start of a conversation. Since, I don’t know about you and your understanding you might have to let us know what perspectives you have. Here a couple of ideas; that breathing may be a behavior that facilitates optimal respiration, which, in turn is responsible for the regulation of metabolism (anabolism and catabolism) and for the regulation acid-base physiology. As a behavior, it can serve many different goals such: talking, singing, whistling, coughing, increase or decrease the activities of daily living, sleeping, relaxation, meditation, sports, modulation of emotions, or even creating dissociative states to help adapt with traumas when the nervous system is strained. Respiration has to do with gas exchange. So, external respiration has to do wih the mechanics of moving gases in and out of the lungs,which is what most people in field teach, while internal respiration is about moving these gases from the lungs to the cells or visa versa and cellular respiration is the utilization of oxygen by the mitochondria in the cell to create energy and or to break it down releasing carbon, water, and ATP (adenosine triphosphate energy molecule) among some of the molecules.
In the words of Andrew Weil MD; “If I had only one thing to teach, I would teach breathing”. Ultimately, it seems to me, we might be needing to learn to play the various melodies of good chemistry both in our bodies and in our environment to adapt more harmoniously with our ever changing living conditions. The objective here: is to invite you to come, discover,and dialogue ways to connect the ideas, until we independently or together discover creative effective insights that lead to new possible behaviors. In order to participate in a fuller and more competent operation on our planet: “Spaceship Earth”.

je seme at tout vent 150x150 BREATHE she says...

Here is a little bit of an appreciative inquiry!

Have you ever breathed really well?

How would you know? and what criteria are you using?

what do you believe is possible for you?

John Kelly RN

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