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John Kelly, RN Board Certified in Biofeedback, BCIA Senior Fellow

Born in Washington DC in the early 50's, I lived in Asia and then moved to Switzerland to go to school: Belgium schools, Swiss schools and Internationals schools. Returned to the US went to the University of South Dakota, where I got my nursing Degree. When I can, I do psychiatric nursing, education, consulting and biofeedback, Board certified in Biofeedback since 1987.

I speak French, fairly well read and owned abookstore called Infinite Circle books in the 1970's. I have family in US, Canada and China. I had the opportunity to Study with Arthur Young (the inventor of the Bell Helicopter) in his theory of Process, and Alder Fuller Ph.d in Eugene Oregon in Complexity Theory. I studied with Peter Levine Ph.d and Maggie Philips Ph.d Somatic Experiencing, and assisted 2 conferences on "Healing in our Time" in Washington DC sponsored by Omega Institute and Pir Valyat Khan. I assisted for the Stens Corporation with their biofeedback programs 1990-2005; General Biofeedback, surface emg, temp, respiration, galvanic skin response, to pelvic floor, Heart Rate Variability, and EEG.

At this time I am building a business, in teaching breathing and advanced HRV (heart rate variability) using biofeedback instruments. ( I have had the Trainer Training in NLP with Richard Bandler, and 2 Master Practitioners with John Grinder, Practitioner NLP level with Art Giser and Nick La Force. Advanced Languaging with Christina Hall MA. I have also a background in Ericksonian Hypnosis, Meta-states, Neurosemantics and General Semantics, Emotional choice.

Some of my BEST features are: holistic nursing, wellness paradigm, psychiatric nursing, communications skills, psycholinguistics, General Semantics, Neurosemantics, Meta-States , NLP, Emotional choice, Coordinated Management of Meaning, Appreciative Inquiry, Cross Cultural Competencies, puzzle exploration, neuronets, neuroplasticity, EFT, biofeedback. Into participative sports, mostly Aikido, Tai Chi yang style, Makko-Ho walking, gardening, wellness and breathing, humor!

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